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Winter Builds 2021/22

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Hi Folks,

We're loving building sheds in the crisp fall air. This time of year really brings out the best in Maine, whether that's apple orchards, yard work, outdoor exercise, or one last paddle in the canoe.

For Jesse Sheds, it's a time to look forward and plan for our winter build schedule. We can't book as many sheds at this time of year, but we can usually find one or two weather windows each week to get a build in. To be honest, shoveling snow can be a lot more fun to work with than some of those sweltering summer days, when the humidity hits 100%.

That's why we're offering an attractive discount of $250 off your shed if you book with us this winter. A small shed works really well for us, as the limited daylight and weather windows makes it possible to fit these in. A larger shed is still possible, but they're more likely to be moved around in the schedule if the weather isn't cooperating.

Please get in touch, and we'll go through all the options and details.

In gratitude,

Jesse Ferreira

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